Guide to mindful walks

Setting out on a mindful walk is one of the loveliest ways to nourish and nurture yourself. If you ever wanted a guide to mindful walks, we’ve got you covered.

You don’t need any special equipment, in fact it’s an opportunity to leave all your gadgets behind. The intention is a simple one – simply go outside and walk for an hour or more.

Most of us spend our lives running from one thing to the next. We are in too much of a hurry to walk anywhere. And even when we do, we do it with pods in our ears, watches & phones tracking our every step, competing to better our step count from the day before & distracting our minds with podcasts & music. Or we walk with a friend and spend the time chatting – this is lovely but not what we’re talking about here. There’s nothing wrong with these kinds of walks, but mindful walks are different.

With mindful walking we don’t head out with an agenda.

We walk (amble) with no agenda at all. It’s a form of active rest. An opportunity to roam freely, allowing our minds to settle & move into a different rhythm.

Mindful walking helps us process our emotions, stimulate our creativity & find wonder in the simple beauty of the everyday. It allows us to notice. When we slow down enough to notice we find solutions to problems & new ways of seeing, thinking & being. We untangle ourselves through walking. We start to listen; to nature – by tuning into the sights and sounds of our environment; and to ourselves – our true self. The one that lies behind the noise of our daily life.

As we stretch our legs, we stretch our minds. We walk ourselves toward clarity and connection – to nature & to our own heart. As we walk we also flood our body with feel good hormones. We return home lighter, happier, more grounded, grateful & content.

Mindful walking guides us home to ourselves.

So how to practice mindful walking?
  • Wear comfy shoes.
  • Go outside.
  • Walk for an hour in silence.
  • Listen.
  • Notice.
  • Smile.

Do this every day or even once a week, and watch your life transform. Now there you have it: your guide to mindful walks. Oh, and one more thing:

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