The Calm Revolution is a community for meditation & mindfulness. We offer tools & resources to help you live a more mindful, intentional, considered life. It’s a place for contemplation, self-reflection, inquiry & creativity. 

 The Calm Revolution is for you if you’re tired of feeling like you’re stuck in a loop of constant striving & self-improvement. If you’re craving a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you. If, like me, you’re tired of a world lived in sound bites and superficiality and want to live a richer, more expansive life.

Here you will find tools to nourish & nurture; such as mindfulness practice, creative journaling workshops, weekend ‘at home’ retreats & delicious self care rituals.

Practices to help you come home to yourself. 

It is also a space to build connection & community. A space to rest & reflect. A place to slow down and just Be.

 This is not a place for striving. It’s a place where you are accepted as you are. Too many of us go through life feeling like we should be doing more, achieving more & having more. The Calm Revolution takes a different approach. It’s a place to simply be. As you are, at this moment.

The answers you’re looking for aren’t ‘out there’. The best teacher is the one within you. And the tools we offer help you awaken and connect with your teacher within.

We’ll go inward through contemplation & self inquiry, mindfulness practice, meditation, reading, journaling & reflection and outward by spending time in nature, exploring our creativity, and connecting with others in a meaningful way.

In a time of increasing anxiety, loneliness, stress & despair, my hope is that The Calm Revolution will be your guiding light, a place for you to explore who you are in the world today and who you want to be, tomorrow. 



Claire Harrison – Founder

Live with Grace, Ease & Flow



A commitment to practice builds our foundation & helps us live with grace, ease & flow. When we make time to go within, we create space to know ourselves and this is how we transform. Rituals & routines that support us so we can manage stress, tension & fatigue, let go of negative thinking & live with more presence & happiness. Better for us, better for everyone around us, and ultimately, better for our beautiful planet.



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We’re creating a beautiful heart centred community on Mighty Networks where we can meet, contemplate & create together. Each month we explore a new theme and use that theme to go deep in our contemplation and mindfulness practice. It’s a place to come together for tea & conversation! Membership is free & we love sharing our stories there. Claire regularly facilitates group discussions & meditations with the community and will be live each week to answer questions & share insight. 


Guide to mindful walks

Guide to mindful walks

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The gift of solitude

The gift of solitude

Solitude can be hard to find in our modern world. So much noise, so many distractions; real or imagined. The gift of solitude isn't that easy to come by.  When I talk about solitude, I also mean silence. Silent solitude. Time spent alone in quiet contemplation. A...

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Softness of the heart

Softness of the heart

Learning to sit in the quiet stillness  and softness of the heart continues to be a daily practice and discipline that I resist & fight at every turn. There have been many years when I wandered in the relative darkness of my ego. Always relying on my intellect, my...

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